Delivering a WOW Presentation: Developing the Speaker Within You

Delivering a WoW Presentation. Whenever someone refers to or recounts the highlights of a WOW address to us we instantly imagine one of those hugely successful addresses where the speaker held their audience spell-bound, followed by enthusiastic applause and accolades. But … Continued

Cancer Risk Link to Night Time Light Exposure

CIRCADIAN® ZircLight Developing Healthy Light at Night by CIRCADIAN on Monday, August 04, 2014 CIRCADIAN® announced today that it has acquired controlling stake in ZircLight™ Inc., which holds the core intellectual property rights to LED lighting systems, eyewear and computer … Continued

Making The World a Better Place: Learn How You Can Too

An interview with Chicago based Melissa Heisler from The Empowerment Show aired June 9th 2014 Link to full interview: Neil Findlay is Making the World a Better Place – Learn How You Can Too Neil Findlay says he is just, … Continued

Budget 2014 Shock! Gravy Train Concessions Withdrawn

That Australia, the nation, was living and spending beyond its means is not in dispute; well actually it is disputed by some who were happily and blissfully riding the gravy train. The real problem, buried as it is in the … Continued

When The Music Stops: The Dilemma Facing Australian Governments

In the classic party game musical chairs, the music seems to play on forever with everyone lost in the revelry and atmosphere of the moment; then, suddenly, the music stops and everyone is left scrambling for a chair to claim as … Continued